India will face a tough challenge in Australia: Hussey | भारत को ऑस्ट्रेलिया में मिलेगी कड़ी चुनौती : हसी

डिजिटल डेस्क, नई दिल्ली। ऑस्ट्रेलिया के पूर्व बल्लेबाज माइकल हसी ने कहा है कि भारत को इस बार अगर ऑस्ट्रेलिया को उसके ही घर में हराना है तो उसे अपने फुल फार्म में रहना ही होगा। भारत को इस साल के अंत में ऑस्ट्रेलिया का दौरा करना है जहां वो चार टेस्ट मैचों की बॉर्डर-गावस्कर ट्रॉफी […]

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China was surprised in Doklam, never thought India would challenge it: China scholar Yun Sun

Three years ago when Indian soldiers stopped their Chinese counterparts from constructing a road near the India-China-Bhutan tri-junction at Doklam, China was taken by surprise as it never expected India would challenge it, said Yun Sun, a China expert and co-director of East Asia Program at the Stimson Centre in the US. Yun Sun said […]


NWSL Challenge Cup’s biggest storylines as U.S. team sports return

This was supposed to be the summer in which the National Women’s Soccer League built on the global success of last year’s World Cup. A chance to show off how eight years had nurtured a league that mass audiences could and hopefully would soon appreciate on its own merits. But what might have been the […]


Orlando Pride confirm inconsistent coronavirus test results days after pulling out of NWSL Challenge Cup

6:43 PM ET Graham Hays Close Graham Hays covers college sports for espnW, including softball and soccer. Hays began with ESPN in 1999. Jeff Carlisle Close U.S. soccer correspondent Jeff Carlisle covers MLS and the U.S. national team for ESPN FC. Three days after withdrawing from the NWSL Challenge Cup due to multiple players […]


NWSL Challenge Cup provides a good look at the future of the USWNT

On Saturday, the National Women’s Soccer League will become the first American team sport to return to action amid the coronavirus pandemic. The league isn’t attempting a full season, instead aiming for the NWSL Challenge Cup. Eight league teams — a ninth, the Orlando Pride, has withdrawn because of a run of positive coronavirus tests […]


India’s China challenge | भारत की चीन चुनौती

तिब्बत के दक्षिणी किनारे पर स्थित यादोंग में भारत व चीन का मिलन होता है। ल्हासा से यादोंग का एक दिन का रास्ता तय करके आप दुनिया की छत पर पहुंच जाते हैं। जैसे ही मैं ल्हासा से निकला और भारत में दक्षिण की ओर बढ़ा, लंबे और घुमावदार सड़क मार्ग से प्राचीन झील पीछे […]


Dan Hooker never lost focus on UFC Fight Night despite visa challenge

The reason the UFC secured a venue it calls Fight Island was to make it easier for international fighters to compete without coronavirus-related travel restrictions in the U.S. But New Zealand’s Dan Hooker didn’t get a ticket to Fight Island, he was booked for Saturday’s main event against Dustin Poirier in Las Vegas. So he […]


Bihar: The challenge of keeping RJD united in front of Tejashwi | बिहार : तेजस्वी के सामने राजद को एकजुट रखने की चुनौती

पटना, 24 जून (आईएएनएस)। इस साल के अंत में होने वाले बिहार विधानसभा और अगले महीने होने वाले विधान परिषद चुनाव के नौ सीटों पर होने वाले चुनाव के पहले राज्य की सबसे बड़ी विपक्षी पार्टी राष्ट्रीय जनता दल (राजद) को मंगलवार को लगे देाहरे झटके से उबर पाना आसान नहीं है। पार्टी के वरिष्ठ […]


Americans face new coronavirus challenge: A shortage of coins

SAN FRANCISCO: Banks across the United States are facing a shortage of coins during coronavirus crisis, prompting the US Federal Reserve to ration distribution and work with the US Mint to boost supply. With the partial closure of the economy due to the coronavirus crisis, “the flow of coins through the economy has kind of […]