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All you need to know about pregnancy in monsoon

Monsoon brings relief from the sweltering heat, washes away the dirt and dust making the city look beautiful and green. So, it’s natural to cheer for the change and feel the urge to set foot outside and enjoy a hot cup of “Chai’’ along with the lip-smacking delicious charts the “cart –wallah’’ provides.

However many women may suffer discomfort during their pregnancy, especially in the monsoon months. Along with the gloomy clouds, the monsoon also brings with it a host of mosquito borne infections, viral and bacterial illness like Dengue, malaria, chikungunya, ‘’The Flu’’, typhoid, hepatitis and the recent epidemic of ‘’Nipah’’ to name a few.

These illnesses tend to be more severe in pregnant women because of their reduced immunity, leading to increased bleeding tendencies, multi-organ involvement, ICU admissions, early delivery and pre-mature newborns.

Here are some ways to enjoy the rains when you are expecting.

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