Apple unveils new iPad Pro with LIDAR camera, trackpad support

Apple today updated its iPad Pro tablet, along with a new keyboard for the device and updated cameras on the back. The new iPad Pro has two cameras on the back, including a regular wide angle and an ultra-wide camera. However, there’s a third LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor alongside these, which helps the iPad Pro in depth sensing.

The LIDAR sensor should help the iPad Pro in taking portrait mode photos and for augmented reality (AR) applications. The addition is not surprising either, since Apple has been pushing the AR features for a while and it’s possible that this camera will be coming to more handheld devices soon.

The LIDAR sensor isn’t the only thing that’s new though. The new iPad Pro also supports a laptop-like trackpad now and this feature is part of iPadOS 13.4, which means it will be coming to other iPads as well. Apple has also redesigned how the trackpad works for the iPad, instead of following the way it does on MacOS and Macbooks.

The trackpad is part of the new Magic Keyboard, which Apple will sell separately. The keyboard is meant to be combined with the iPad Pro to make it an effective laptop replacement. The keyboard can elevate the tablet to a more comfortable viewing position, instead of just folding backwards and offering a way to prop it up like a laptop’s screen.

The new iPad Pro series starts at Rs. 71,900 for the 11-inch WIFi mode, while the WiFi+Cellular model is priced at Rs. 85,900. The 12.9 inch variant starts at Rs. 89,900 for the WiFi version, and the other one will cost you Rs. 1,03,900 for the WiFi+Cellular model. The new keyboard is priced at a whopping Rs. 27,900 for the 11 inch iPad Pro, while the one for the 12.9 inch model will cost you Rs. 31,900.

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