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Boeing Announces $10 Million Aid For India’s Fight Against COVID-19

Boeing Announces $10 Million Aid For India's Fight Against Covid

Boeing announced USD10 million emergency aid to support India’s Covid response. (File)


Boeing on Friday announced a USD10 million emergency assistance package to support India’s COVID-19 response.

The assistance from Boeing will be directed to organisations providing relief, including medical supplies and emergency health care for communities and families battling COVID-19, the company said in a statement.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated communities across the globe and our hearts go out to our friends in India who are going through a very difficult time. Boeing is a global citizen, and in India we are directing our pandemic response to the communities most impacted by this recent surge of cases,” said Dave Calhoun, president and CEO of Boeing.

Boeing said it will partner with local and international relief organisations to deploy the USD10 million to the areas of greatest need in consultation with medical, government and public health experts.

In a statement, the company said that its employees also have an opportunity to donate personally to charitable organisations supporting COVID-19 relief in India.

As part of the Boeing Gift Match programme, the company will match monetary donations dollar for dollar, extending the reach of assistance being provided to the Indian people.

“Boeing not only stands in solidarity with the Indian people in their effort to confront this pandemic, we will be a part of the solution. We will continue to monitor the pandemic response in India and work to support our employees, customers, and partners through this crisis,” it said.

Previously Mastercard had also announced an assistance of USD10 million towards COVID-19 response efforts in India.

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