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Ideas for little ones for a lovely breakfast surprise for Mom

For this, you will need hot water. You can either ask your help to heat water for you on the stove or in an electric kettle. Meanwhile, squeeze half a lemon in a cup. Make sure you don’t’ let any seeds go in there. Now squeeze in a little bit of honey and grab a dip-tea bag and add that to the cup. Now that your water is hot, take help in pouring it into the cup. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes and your tea is ready to be served! You can also add jasmine or rose petals from the garden to make it smell lovely! But don’t forget to wash them thoroughly. Also make sure you prepare something to eat before the tea otherwise, the tea will go cold.

To give your tray a final touch, prepare a delicious and easy breakfast for your mother. This will be one of the best surprises she has ever had so you will have to work carefully and not harm yourself. Otherwise, she will wake up and this will not be a surprise anymore. Also, keep asking for help wherever required! Remember, kitchen is not a safe place for children and they should not enter it unattended.

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