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Master your body language over work video calls with the help of these easy tips

Communication isn’t just about words but also your body language. Ever since the pandemic has come upon us, virtual work calls have been a bigger way of communication between managers and colleagues. Your body language is a subtle form of speech that is necessary to effectively convey a message to the people across the screen. It is a part of speech that is usually forgotten when speaking to someone through a video call. If you’re looking to become a strong communicator, here are some tips that you must keep in mind.

– Make eye contact: This one isn’t just important for a face-to-face conversation but also for a virtual one. Making eye contact is an essential part of connecting. When you’re trying to understand something, you instinctively look into someone’s eyes. But if you were speaking to someone who was constantly looking over your shoulder, you’d feel a little uncomfortable to keep up with the conversation. You’d be unimpressed if the person’s eyes are wandering everywhere around but your eyes. Likewise, the opposite person expects you to look at them when they’re speaking. And so, maintaining eye contact on a video call makes a conversation run smooth.

– Talk with your hands: Moving your body provides a more dynamic understanding of what you’re saying. To bring a little more life to your digital communication, try to set the camera back a little on your desk so that your upper body is visible. Check to see if your hands extend beyond the borders of your screen. If so, move the camera back a little bit more. If you’re too stiff with your body, you’re not really conveying the message through all too well.

– Practice your posture: You can actually trick yourself into feeling more confident by maintaining a good posture over a video call. Keep your shoulders back and your arms open when you sit at your desk. Straighten your back as it gives you a little punch of confidence. Sitting right isn’t just necessary to look more confident across the screen but it is also ideal to do away with all sorts of body pain.

– Be an active listener: Take small actions to show that you’re actually listening to someone and following along. As silly as it may feel to bod along to a screen, it is a simple gesture to signal to your colleague that you’re listening to them and also interested in what they have to say. Using these little tips will help you level up your communication and connection with your work colleagues.

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