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Micro review: ‘Camino Winds’ by John Grisham is the second book in the ‘Camino Island’ series

John Grisham is known for writing legal thrillers. But in 2017, he wrote ‘Camino Island’– a thriller set on a fictitious resort island in Florida with one of the greatest bookstores, a community of writers and vacationers– which was a bestseller. Grisham’s new book ‘Camino Winds’ released in April 2020 and it is the second book in the Camino Island series.

The Camino Island in Florida is struck with deadly Hurricane Leo. While the Governor had issued an order to evacuate the island residents, some of them decided to stay back including Bruce Cable of Bay Books. The Hurricane was devastating to say the least– many people are killed and properties are ruined. While Bruce survives, his writer friend Nelson Kerr dies. A report suggests that Nelson was killed due to blows on his head and not the Hurricane. But since the local police is overwhelmed with the disaster management tasks, they are unable to investigate into Nelson’s murder. Bruce takes the matter in his hands and begins to search for the real killer.

Nelson was known for his timely political thrillers and as Bruce starts investigating, he begins to question if there was more to Nelson’s fictional characters. When Bruce comes across Nelson’s unfinished new novel, he starts reading between the lines and what he comes across is far too dangerous. Will Bruce be able to find out Nelson’s killer while his own life is at risk?

Though ‘Camino Winds’ is the second book in the Camino Island series, it can also be read as a standalone novel. The book’s setting will transport you to the fictitious beach while the twists in the tale will keep you hooked till the very end, which makes it a good read.

How critics view the book:

Publishers Weekly says, “Grisham projects the intriguing and elaborate plot with a winsome ensemble of distinguished authors and book lovers. Readers will hope to return soon to this appealing vacation hot spot.”

Kirkus Review writes, “A pleasure for Grisham fans and an undemanding addition to the beach bag.”

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