Snap Inc eyes influencers in India with AR-ready Spectacles 3 glasses

In a fresh bid to engage with India creator community, Snap Inc is bringing its AR (augmented reality) based glasses Spectacles 3 to India. It will be available through at 29,999 from July 4 onwards. The previous generation Spectacles 2 (original), which costs 14,999, will also be available on the same day. The key difference between Spectacles 3 and its Spectacles 2 (original) is that the former can capture 3d photos and videos, while the latter cannot.

Spectacles 3 is not meant for every Snapchat user. It is aimed at professional influencers and creators who want to add more spice to their posts and don’t mind spending a few thousands on a gadget that can make it happen.

The Spectacles 3 comes with two depth sensors, which allows it to capture 3D photos and videos. It can record up to 60 second long videos. After recording, users can import clips from the glasses to Memories in Snapchat app smartphone. Here they can apply special AR objects or effects such as flying bird or floating balloons designed to take advantage of the 3D environment captured in the image or video.

After applying the effects, users can post them on Snapchat and other social media platforms too. This makes sense considering the limited but growing presence of Snapchat in India. According to Statista, India is the second biggest market with 28 million users after US which has 102 million users.

By making it available to all influencers, Snapchat only stands to gain new creators who want to try out new tools to liven up their social media posts. The only limitation as of now is the limited number of filters that can take advantage of content captured via Spectacles. Considering the price, it is unlikely the glasses will sell like hotcakes, however, the few who will buy will ensure the platform has enough India centric AR content aimed at Indian audiences.

Snap Inc has been betting heavily on AR content and has thousands of AR filters called lenses. Early this month, Snap Inc launched Lens Web Builder, a web-based AR Lens ad production tool, allowing creators and marketers to build compelling AR Lenses quickly on a web browser.

AR has become a USP for Snapchat and differentiates it from other social networks. The company has been trying to get Indian creators and users on board by offering more India centric content. An AR based landmarker lens for Gateway of India was added to Snapchat in collaboration with Spotify during Diwali in 2019. It allowed users to access unique AR experiences and effects by pointing the phone’s camera on the monument and capture them together. Taj Mahal in Agra and Gateway of India in Mumbai are the two Indian landmarker locations on Snapchat.

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