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China Vaccine Doses Pass 1 Billion Mark, Says Health Officials

China has now administered more than a billion doses of Covid vaccines. (Representational) Beijing, China: The number of Covid-19 jabs administered in China has passed the one billion mark, health officials said Sunday, more than a third of the doses given worldwide. The announcement by the National Health Commission comes after the number of shots […]

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Taiwanese staff to leave Hong Kong office in ‘one China’ row

TAIPEI: Taiwanese staff working at the island’s representative office in Hong Kong will begin leaving the Chinese-run city from Sunday, a senior official said, after the government there demanded its officials sign a document supporting Beijing’s claim to Taiwan. Chinese-ruled Hong Kong has become another bone of contention between Taipei and Beijing, especially after Taiwan […]

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South China airport cancels flights after Covid case

BEIJING: The airport in China’s southern city of Shenzhen cancelled hundreds of flights and tightened entry controls Saturday after a restaurant employee tested positive for the Delta coronavirus variant. Anyone entering the facility must show a negative virus test from the last 48 hours, Shenzhen Airport Group said in a statement on its official WeChat […]

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China countering foreign sanctions through ‘Wolf Warrior’ diplomacy

BEIJING: In order to counter new foreign sanctions, China started with ‘Wolf Warrior‘ diplomacy to dissuade G7 member states from imposing new sanctions against Beijing under pressure from the US. It was Chinese President Xi Jinping himself who first introduced China’s Wolf Warrior diplomacy. Wolf warrior diplomacy originated from what Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi […]

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As G7 Plans Build Back Better, Here’s How Much China Has Spent On Belt And Road And The Countries It Covers

If Donald Trump had his tariff wars, his successor US President Joe Biden is pushing for Build Back Better World, or B3W. The goal for both: tackle China and checkmate it at a game that Beijing is now seemingly playing much better than Washington, that is, to spread its influence in as many countries as […]

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Australia Takes China To World Trade Organization Over Wine Duties

China in November slapped tariffs of up to 218 percent on Australian wines. (Representational) Sydney, Australia: Australia will take China before the World Trade Organization over Beijing’s imposition of crippling tariffs on Australian wine exports, it announced Saturday, in the latest sign of worsening tensions between the two countries. The decision “to defend Australia’s winemakers” […]


The man who warned Apple about the risks in China.

Apple, more than any other company, has been vulnerable to the harder line that China’s leader, Xi Jinping, has taken. As a result, over the past several years, Apple has made compromises in China that undercut the values its executives have put at the center of its brand. To placate authorities and keep its global […]

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China Space Station: A Long March to the Moon and beyond | World News

BEIJING: The liftoff of three astronauts for China’s new space station on Thursday marks a landmark step in its space ambitions, its longest crewed mission to date. The world’s second largest economy has put billions into its military-run space programme, with hopes of having a permanently crewed space station by 2022 and eventually sending humans […]

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The Historic Mission That China Has Launched To Set Up Its ‘Home’ In Space

What do you do when your astronauts are not hosted by the International Space Station, the only platform for human crews to stay and conduct experiments in space? Well, if you are China, you construct your own space station. The trio of Chinese astronauts who have blasted off from Gobi desert for what is China’s […]

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China Japan News: Japan says China’s military strategy unclear, of serious concern | World News

BRUSSELS: Japan said on Thursday China’s military intentions are unclear and its armed forces’ rapid expansion is of serious concern, circumstances that require Europe, the United States and other Asian nations to come together to stand up to Beijing. “China has been in beefing up its military capacity very rapidly and we are not sure […]