The many phases of Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo revealed yet another in a long line of new looks this week when he posted a selfie of his lockdown hair on social media.

Thoughts instantly turned to the very start of Ronaldo’s career when his bedraggled locks could be seen bouncing down the touchlines of first Sporting’s Jose Alvalade stadium, then Old Trafford.

Here’s a look back at some of the iconic follicular arrangements that Ronaldo has exhibited over the years, for better or worse.

Humble beginnings (2002-03)

Things got off to a stylish start when Ronaldo burst onto the scene sporting a swept back mane held rigidly in place by an industrial slathering of wet-look gel.

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Bem vindo ao Manchester (2003)

When Ronaldo made the leap to Manchester United, many fans were left wondering who this prodigious Portuguese kid was and precisely why he chose to sleep in a hay loft.

The braids (2004)

It surely cannot be coincidence that Sir Alex Ferguson appears to be looking on extremely disapprovingly in the background of this photo.

Threatening the mullet (2006)

Thankfully it wasn’t long before the braids were replaced … but by something that resembles a live sea urchin.

New club, new look (2009)

When you sign for Real Madrid in a world-record transfer deal and your presentation attracts a sell-out crowd to the Bernabeu, you definitely need to make sure you look the part.

More gel than ever before (2010)

Thanks to his enormous Real contract, Ronaldo was able to increase his hair product budget by a significant order.

The slick side parting (2012)

Firmly entrenched at the very top of his game, Ronaldo opted for an altogether more svelte and geometric look which served him well for many years.

Tramlines (2013)

The tramlines look was all the rage at one point, and Ronaldo made sure he was right there.

Return of the highlights (2017)

Just when you thought the hay was a thing of the past, the little bleached blonde worms staged a comeback and in far greater numbers than before.

The Juventus buzz cut (2018)

Moving to the achingly fashionable country of Italy necessitated an sartorial overhaul, with Ronaldo trading in his slimy tresses for an immaculate crop.

The mini bobtail (2020)

Quite possibly the most regrettable period of Ronaldo’s hair evolution.

The top knot didn’t look good when it suddenly became fashionable and it certainly didn’t look good several years after everybody else had seen sense and cut theirs off.

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