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This is how to tighten and firm skin around your neck

Ever since the lockdown has been imposed on us, more and more people have started taking time out to care of their skin. There are so many people out there dedicated to firming and tightening the skin on their faces. But then, why should you treat your neck any differently? The skin on your neck is more fragile than the skin on the rest of your body, which is why it’s all the more important to take good care of it. Here are a few tips that will help.

– Stop looking down at your phone all the time: The constant flexing of your neck creates a whole new set of wrinkles. In an age, where phones have become an extension of our bodies, there’s only so much one can do to stop yourself from getting more wrinkles. There are some exercises to tone your neck as well as to release tension. Practice those and intentionally try to look down less at your phone. Hold your phone at your eye level at all times to avoid moving your neck downward.

– Moisturise your neck each day: Just like you can’t go without moisturising your face and applying body lotion to your arms and legs, you shouldn’t skip the neck too. It prevents and minimizes the appearance of neck lines. You can very much use the same formula as that on your face, but if you really wish to dedicate yourself to the cause, it’s worth investing in a necks-specific cream.

– Wear SPF on your neck every single day: Doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or gloomy outside, your skin needs to be protected at all times. By this, we don’t just mean your face but your neck too. The sun is the biggest offender when it comes to early signs of ageing. Damage from ultraviolet light causes laxity of the delicate neck tissues which leads to sagging of skin and enhancing of the lines.

– Cleanse your neck before you go to bed: It sure takes a little bit of your time, but it is extremely important just like cleansing your face is. If you don’t shower at night, the micropollutants and free radicals from the day can end up causing premature ageing of the skin on your neck.

– Try a skin-resurfacing treatment on your neck: If you want to get any treatments done, chemical peels, micro-needling and lasers resurface the skin. These help in minimizing lines and tightening the neck by inducing collagen production.

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