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Weight loss: “I climbed 60 flights of stairs regularly and got in shape”

As I said, the first step I took was literally counting my steps. I set a target of taking 10,000 steps on a daily basis. No gym or workout plan as such. Slowly, as I became consistent with my routine and dedicated time, the needle started to move down on the scale. This motivated to further increase my step count and reduce my diet intake to 65% of what I originally ate.

This really helped me meet my goal weight. I lost 8 kilos by August! I never started running until I reached down to 78 kilos because I knew I could damage my knees.

Now, this has been the schedule I have been following for the past 230+ days. My average step count is 17k steps a day. I also started stair climbing in September and try and do about 60 floors a day, 3 days a week. I started jogging indoors too and

Fitness secrets I unveiled: It’s important to be physically active, any way you can. I realized it late, but value it more than ever. I even made it a point to complete 10k steps when the weather was bad or I had work.

In fact, personal issues did not deter my exercise schedule. I lost my dad in August but I made sure I exercise even then. That’s the commitment I had made to myself and made sure to respect that.

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