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Weight loss story: From a mother-of-two to a bikini athlete and fitness trainer, this woman’s weight loss journey is inspirational!

We are surely living in difficult times and many of us don’t have the motivation to workout or exercise as we stay cooped up in our houses. This is why reading Rupsikha Borah Deori’s transformation journey is the best thing you can do for yourself today! She has gone through all the phases of gaining weight during pregnancy including feeling exhausted and out of breath to even doing crash dieting. Her journey is the inspiration that anything is possible if you are disciplined enough. From weighing a whopping 90 kilos to competing in bikini and sports division, her weight loss journey is truly phenomenal.

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Name: Rupsikha Borah Deori
Occupation: Fitness trainer and sports nutritionist

Age: 35 years

Highest Weight Recorded: 90 kgs

Current Weight: 58 kgs

Weight Lost: 33 kgs

Duration it took to lose weight: 7 months

The turning point: I was a fairly thin person before my pregnancy. After my first pregnancy, I gained about 25 kilos. However, the struggle got real when after my second pregnancy, I went from weighing 55 kilos to a whopping 90 kgs. So, even though I had given birth to my baby, I still felt that I was expecting.

I had started suffering from chronic lower back pain and my shoulders ached. This made it extremely difficult for me to carry my own baby or even do normal household chores. Of course, a few unsolicited comments also added to my misery.

At that point of time, I decided that I will do crash dieting to lose all the extra kilos. Despite my husband’s stern warning, I went right ahead with it. So, some days I ate only salad, on other days I ate only bananas. Ultimately, it left me tired, angry, and irritated.

Eventually, I started binge eating and gained back all the weight I had lost. I realised that losing weight in a manner that makes you sad and irritable is not healthy. It was that day I vowed to stay away from crash dieting and began reading factually correct scientific information. The result is here for all to see.

How do I stay motivated? I have not one but three major reasons which keep me motivated to hit the gym:

1.More than motivation, I rely on discipline and sincerity to keep going. There will be days when you won’t be motivated enough to get out of your bed and workout, on those days discipline will take you forward.

2. My family has been another push in my life to stay fit and continue my fitness journey. Seeing my husband’s biceps and abs, I also wanted to get back in shape. I want my kids to take inspiration from my husband and me when it comes to health and fitness.

3. Now that I am into fitness and working out regularly, I can shop for as many gym and athleisure wear as I want to. In fact, my wardrobe has more sports bra and work out leggings when compared to regular outfits and I love it!

How do you ensure you don’t lose focus? I lead my life one day at a time and do not plan a lot for the future. This is why I stay focused on short term goals and make it a point to achieve them.

What’s the most difficult part of being overweight?
In addition to battling chronic lower back pain and breathlessness, I was even struggling to do basic household chores. That period of my life was really heartbreaking and caused immense stress and anxiety.

My breakfast: Oats + banana + egg whites (cooked in olive oil)

My lunch: Chicken breast + white rice (basmati) + green vegetables
My dinner: White fish with green vegetables + nuts (almonds or cashews)

I indulge in: I do indulge in sweets but I make sure I earn them with my workout sessions.

Workout schedule: 60 minutes cardio on an empty stomach and 1.5 hours of weight training or an hour of HIIT. Whenever I am preparing for a show, I do 2 hours of cardio and 1.5 hours of weight training.
Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Greek yogurt, casein protein and blueberries.

Fitness secrets I unveiled: It is important to understand that most of the weight loss diets and regimes we see floating on the internet are based on western food. This is the primary reason a lot of people are not able to sustain their diet. Remember, there is no one-size fits all.
We are used to the food items associated with our culture and its taste which has developed since childhood. So, the westernised dieting is not sustainable at all, which is why I follow a reverse diet plan where I build the nutrition plan around my eating patterns and food preferences. So, I try to keep the types of food I have been eating (if it’s not junk) in the diet plan.

What shape do you see yourself 10 years down the line? I want to stay fit, not just on the outside but, on the inside as well. I want to lead a life free of blood-glucose problems and cholesterol issues. We cannot defy ageing, but we can definitely slow it down with the right nutrition and exercise.
What are the lifestyle changes you made? On my quest to weight loss, I have realised that what you eat has an immense impact on your weight loss journey. I made several lifestyle changes and followed them strictly:

1.Reduce the intake of sugar and additives: While I do occasionally indulge in something sweet after an intense workout session, I make sure it is not refined.

2.Product placement in the kitchen: I firmly believe in the saying, ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. So, if you are trying to lose weight get rid of all the junk food from the kitchen and place healthy food items in your vicinity. Trust me, it works wonders.

3.Social eating: Whenever you are eating outside, be the first one to order. It’s very natural to follow the trend. If the first guy with the menu orders healthy food, you will see others follow the suit. Try this in your next gathering.

4.Eat as per the season: This is the oldest trick in the handbook. Remember, if you are eating something which is not seasonal, it is most likely preserved. So, stick to fresh fruits and vegetables which are seasonal.

What was the lowest point for you? I had gained a lot of weight after my pregnancy and it had resulted in constant lower back pain and a feeling of breathlessness. I felt as if I was still pregnant and it became difficult to lift my own child.

Lessons learnt from weight loss: As far as I can remember, I never really cared a lot about my health and overall wellness. This weight loss journey has completely flipped my world around as I have become a fitness trainer and nutritionist expert. I have even participated in the bikini and sports division on stage. I have realised that as long as you are disciplined and consistent, almost anything is possible. Remember, a strong mind leads to a stronger body.

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