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Your baby’s first haircut: Everything you should know

1. As a parent, you need to relax and calm down first. Your baby can easily pick up your mood if you are stressed or worried. Remember that the sound and feel of clippers can be unnerving for the child, so remember to keep them distracted with their favourite toys or snacks. You can also make use of the cape and link it to their favourite superhero character.

2. Remember, babies can be wiggly and squirmy during the process. This is why your first priority should be keeping the little one comfortable during the whole process so that they do not keep moving their heads. Keep standing along with the barber where the child can see you. You can also sing their favourite song or read their favourite story.

3. Plan the haircut when your baby is a relaxed mood and has finished eating. Do not schedule it near the little one’s mealtime or naptime as it may leave him/her cranky.

4. It is important to remember that your child needs to be comfortable during the process. Hence, take a few breaks in between the sessions to pacify the little one if he begins to get really squirmy and irritable. You can set the stage for the haircut by getting your own haircut done in front of the toddler and show them it is nothing to be scared of.

5. Always carry a change of clothes for the baby as there is a probability that he/she may refuse to wear the cape.

6. Ultimately, if your child feels extremely uncomfortable and continues screaming and squirming, it is best to postpone the haircut for the next time as you don’t want your child to be scarred with terrible memories of the saloon.

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