People Are Buying Laptops And PCs More Than Before For WFH As HP And Lenovo Clock Big Gains

It was a pretty common theme over the past couple of years that PC shipments were struggling globally, as more and more users were relying on their office workstations and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, to get work done. But with the Coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing requirements ensuring we millions around […]

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In Singapore, an Orderly Election and a (Mostly) Predictable Result

Face-masked citizens lined up for general elections in Singapore on Friday, with plenty of space separating them from each other. Their temperatures had been checked. Before receiving their ballots, they spritzed their hands with sanitizer, and many put on disposable gloves. If any country could successfully carry out an election during a global pandemic, it […]

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US Japan News: US approves sale of 105 F-35 stealth fighters to Japan | World News

WASHINGTON: The United States announced Thursday that it has approved the sale of 105 F-35 stealth aircraft to Japan for an estimated $23.11 billion. Japan had asked to buy 63 F-35A, the traditional version of the electronics-laden fighter aircraft, and 42 F-35B, the short-takeoff and vertical-landing version for aircraft carriers, the State Department said in […]


With massive disruption expected, Irdai to form ‘pandemic risk pool’

BENGALURU: With the coronavirus pandemic causing massive disruption and losses across sectors, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Irdai) has proposed creating a “pandemic risk pool”. The aim is to provide cover to risks related to the virus. A pool refers to the practice of insurance companies coming together and committing funds to meet claims […]


The plan to start the 2020 NFL season

It has been 102 days since Jeff Pash, the NFL’s executive vice president and general counsel, announced an unexpectedly bold plan for the 2020 season amid a coronavirus pandemic that was only starting. “All of our discussions,” Pash said, “all of our focus, has been on a normal, traditional season, starting on time, playing in […]