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Trump Administration Will Redirect $62 Million Owed to World Health Organization

As the United States withdraws from membership in the World Health Organization, the Trump administration will redirect $62 million still owed for this year’s dues to other health-related causes also under United Nations auspices, State Department officials announced on Wednesday. Most of the redirected money will go to children’s immunization and influenza surveillance, officials said. […]


Federal Borrowing Amid Pandemic Puts U.S. Debt on Path to Exceed World War II

The aggressive federal response to the pandemic in March resulted in trillions of dollars in additional government spending, as Washington looked to provide tax breaks, assistance for small and large businesses, direct checks for low- and middle-income individuals and supplemental benefits for the unemployed. Those measures were widely supported, as millions of workers were suddenly […]


Samsung unveils Galaxy products, other appliances via virtual experience

Samsung Electronics announced its latest products in mobile, wearables, TV, audio and home appliances with virtual experience. The event called ‘Life Unstoppable’ will show how the 2020 line-up will look like. ‘Life Unstoppable’ is virtual space which plans to provide a gamified experience that will showcase Samsung’s products in a gamified experience. Using the Life […]

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Taiwan Strait To Himalayas, China Bullying Neighbours, Says US

Mike Pompeo said China is “engaged in bullying of its neighbours” Washington: Hoping for a peaceful resolution of the situation on the India-China border, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday asserted that the Communist Party of China is engaged in a “clear and intensive intensifying pattern of bullying” its neighbours from the Taiwan […]

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Prosecutors Charge 19 In North Carolina With Voter Fraud

GREENSBORO, N.C.: Federal prosecutors in North Carolina announced voter fraud charges Wednesday against 19 non-citizens accused of illegally casting a ballot in 2016. Each defendant voted in a federal election in 2016, and one defendant also voted in 2018, according to a news release from United States Attorney Matthew G.T. Martins office. In some instances, […]