Dead, Alive, on Life Support? Confusion Reigns on Stimulus as Talks Continue

WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, the bipartisan stimulus talks were off, abruptly ended by a series of indignant tweets by President Trump. On Wednesday, there was a glimmer of hope when he suggested he might reconsider, and top negotiators haggled privately by phone over possible legislation. By Thursday, the president performed a complete about-face and suggested […]


Bairstow and I enjoy batting: Warner | बेयरस्टो और मैं बल्लेबाजी का लुत्फ लेते हैं : वार्नर

दुबई, 9 अक्टूबर (आईएएनएस)। सनराइजर्स हैदराबाद ने गुरुवार को आईपीएल-13 में गुरुवार को किंग्स इलेवन पंजाब को 69 रनों से हरा दिया। इस जीत में हैदराबाद के कप्तान डेविड वार्नर और जॉनी बेयरस्टो के बीच हुई पहले विकेट के लिए 160 रनों की साझेदारी का अहम योगदान रहा। आस्ट्रेलिया के वार्नर ने 52 रन बनाए […]


Amazon’s new electric delivery vans created with Rivian unveiled

Amazon‘s new delivery van Amazon Amazon on Thursday debuted its electric delivery vans that are set to hit the road in 2022. The electric vans were developed in partnership with start-up Rivian Automotive. In September 2019, Amazon announced it ordered 100,000 electric delivery vehicles from Rivian as part of the company’s ambitious climate plan, called […]