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US President-Elect Joe Biden To Unveil Sweeping Immigration Reforms On First Day In Office

Joe Biden will unveil broad immigration reforms Wednesday just after he is inaugurated president. Washington: US President-elect Joe Biden will roll back Donald Trump’s tough approach to undocumented immigrants in sweeping reforms to be introduced on his first day in office, Biden’s Homeland Security Department nominee said Tuesday. Cuban-born Alejandro Mayorkas told a Senate panel […]


Janet Yellen’s confirmation hearing for Treasury secretary centers on the pandemic.

Janet L. Yellen, President-elect Joseph R. Biden’s nominee to be Treasury secretary, said at her confirmation hearing on Tuesday that investing in vaccine distribution and expanded jobless benefits will provide the biggest “bang” for the economy in a future stimulus package to help Americans get through the current “dark” economic time. Speaking before the Senate […]


Yellen says Biden team will address China’s “illegal, unfair and abusive” practices.

Ms. Yellen took a hard line on China at her confirmation hearing on Tuesday, warning that she would use a “full array” of tools to combat what she described as abusive economic practices. “China is clearly our most important strategic competitor,” Ms. Yellen said, suggesting that the Biden administration would take a skeptical view of […]