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5 petty but hilarious arguments most married couples in India have

No marriage is without arguments. While some fights can get pretty ugly, others can be quite interesting and hilarious. As per experts, fights between couples can be healthy as these can help them resolve pent up issues and problems in their relationship. Problems in a marriage or a relationship arise when people fail to address issues that disturb their minds and threaten to weaken the bond they share. A lot of times, pent up emotions arising from unaddressed issues can lead to frustrations, which can, later on, cause major friction between the two people. While many believe that fights between couples indicate trouble brewing in their paradise, experts think otherwise. When two people fight they end up communicating, be it in anger or otherwise. And communication is what most requires to sort out issues. Now, do not mistake all fights as healthy, because some aren’t. Fights between couples that tend to create more problems rather than solving them are toxic, especially if these bickerings happen quite regularly. However, we are here to talk about petty but hilarious fights that most married couples have. And these help them laugh a little and grow closer. Let’s read what most Indian married couples fight over.

Why do you always put wet towels on the bed?

If we have to choose one petty argument that all married couples in India have is this—the great Indian battle of who put the wet towel on the bed? It is needless to say, most of the time the husband is the culprit here, right? However, it’s pretty amusing to find how most couples fight over wet towels at the start of their conjugal journey.

The famous ‘maa ke haath ki chai’ argument
Whoever in India haven’t had the famous ‘maa ke haath ki chai’ argument with a spouse, have no idea how hilarious it can get. Whether you agree to it or not, most Indian wives, at some point of time in her life, must have heard her husband comparing her cooking with the food prepared by his mother. And do we really need to elaborate on what follows alter?

Oh! You would have a boys’ night out rather than spend time with me?

Now, let’s give the wife a little credit for hitting hard on her man’s Achilles heel. Yes, everyone likes their boys’ night out, some perhaps like it more than spending time with their wife. It is quite a frequently happening argument in most households with newly-weds. But peace is restored once the husband gives a sweet surprise to his wife the next day to make up for his adventure with boys!

You don’t like my parents, do you?

It’s the same old story and even Indian couples are guilty of indulging in it. Marriage not only binds two people together but also brings their family closer. It is therefore expected that the married couples treat their respective in-laws just like their parents. But it’s not always easy to do that, at least in the beginning, right? So, newly married couples are often seen arguing about liking or disliking their in-laws.

Stop behaving like a bachelor?

Boys will be boys, right? While most Indian women are quick to adapt to their new role as a wife, some men take time to adjust to their marital life. No wonder they would still want to party like they used to before and indulge in a little harmless flirting. Those who have watched the movie ‘Hangover’ would understand what we are trying to say here. So, it’s should not come as a surprise when a wife would object to such bachelor-like behaviour and argue with her husband.

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