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Feminist author gets trolled on social media

Dr Jessica Taylor is a psychologist and activist who has been working to help women who have suffered from sexual abuse for years. She is the founder of Victim Focus which, amongst other things, has made a charter that encourages professionals working with abuse victims to not victim blame and has set up an academy and resources to spread more information about victim-blaming.

She possesses a PhD in Psychology specializing in the victim-blaming women face and has clearly worked passionately in the field. She has recently been promoting her upcoming book, ‘Why Women are Blamed for Everything’, which she says has “over a decade of her work”.

Seemingly because of that she faced an alarming amount of threats and even a hacking this month. She got thousands of messages on social media where she was subjected to various accusations, insulted and threatened. Many attacks were coordinated ones, by what Dr Taylor described as a “group of organised trolls”. She told The Guardian that she received hundreds of messages every few minutes saying, “Everything from telling me to die, kill myself, messages saying ‘I will rape you’, messages saying I am not a real psychologist or PhD, that I’m fat, ugly, disgusting, dyke, ugly lesbian, barren, infertile, will die alone, that my parents hate me etc … When we started banning and blocking, they really ramped it up and it became violent and abusive.”

If that wasn’t bad enough her computer was also hacked. “They had total control of my keyboard and mouse. I tried to stop them … after about 30 seconds of this, I realised how serious it was and I shut my laptop down and ran inside to turn my wifi off and shut all other devices down,” Taylor told the Guardian.

It’s terrible to see that someone trying to help victims and spread more awareness to build a better society on the receiving end of such violence. However the author raised a good point when she said, “You have to ask why that is. What are they frightened of?”

Her book has now released and it’s heartening to see several people congratulating the author and expressing joy on ordering or receiving the book on social media. Harry Potter J.K. Rowling herself tweeted that she has ordered the book.

The book is a non-fiction that highlights how victim-blaming is common with several real-life examples.

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