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Are Indian news channels trust worthy?

The article examines the trustworthiness of Indian news channels. It recognizes that the media as a source of information has a great influence on society, but also acknowledges that in India, the news industry has been affected by the political divide and ideological bias. The article goes on to argue that even with the presence of private news channels, the impartiality of news is still not guaranteed. It concludes by suggesting that citizens need to be more active in their news consumption to ensure the credibility of news sources. In summary, the article assesses the trustworthiness of Indian news channels and suggests that citizens should be more active in their news consumption.
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How to sell snacks on line in India?

Online snack selling is becoming an increasingly popular way for entrepreneurs to make money in India. The process involves setting up an online shop, stocking up on snacks, and creating an effective marketing strategy. To get started, entrepreneurs need to create an online store, find a reliable supplier, and set up a payment gateway. It is important to ensure that the snacks are of good quality and meet the demand of the customers. Furthermore, a strong online presence is essential for getting the word out about the store. Keywords: Online Snack Selling, India, Entrepreneurs, Online Store, Supplier, Payment Gateway, Quality, Marketing Strategy.
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