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These things will help you analyze how to deal with separation anxiety post-lockdown

This plainly depends on the kind of connection, bond and relationship that you have with your partner. Of course, if you’re married, you might have already been on top of each other several times (physically and emotionally) during this lockdown. Which also means, you both might work your way into this conversation of how things will be once you get going with the normal life. But, if you both are casually dating, this lockdown must have either intensified or disrupted the normal flow of things. You both must have been with each other a lot more than you expected to see each other. And getting back to your routine might take a toll on both of you. In this case, it is recommended to check on each other once in a while and spend some time together once in two days to understand each other’s emotions better. If you’re thinking of going back to the normal life means getting rid of your partner for a while, don’t do that. It’s a pathetic idea.

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