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Thieves Steal $6.6 Million Of Apple Products In UK Truck Heist: Police

olice said they wanted to speak to anyone who may have been offered products for sale (Representational) London: British police said on Tuesday they were hunting for thieves who made off with 5 million pounds ($6.6 million) worth of Apple products after tying up a driver and security guard during a truck heist in central […]


Judy Shelton, Trump Fed Nominee, Fails to Advance to Final Vote

WASHINGTON — Judy Shelton’s nomination to fill one of two remaining open seats on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors failed to advance to a final vote on Tuesday, a significant setback but one that does not kill her chances at ultimately winning confirmation. Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate majority leader, took steps that […]


Germany ‘fell apart’ against Spain like Brazil at 2014 World Cup

Germany FA chief Oliver Bierhoff compared the way his country lost 6-0 to Spain in the Nations League to the 7-1 drubbing Die Mannschaft laid on Brazil at the 2014 World Cup. Germany’s only five-goal loss in a competitive game had been West Germany’s 8-3 defeat to Hungary at the 1954 World Cup group stage. […]

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How you make up with your child after a quarrel, based on your zodiac sign

No matter how unbreakable and sacred the bond between a parent and a child may be, disagreements and conflict are sure to arise. But that does not indicate an unhealthy relationship, instead the trials and tribulations give you and your child the opportunity to discuss and reconcile with one another. Every parent is different in […]

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U.S. to Drop Case Against Mexican Ex-Official to Allow Inquiry in Mexico

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department plans to drop drug trafficking and corruption charges against a former Mexican defense minister to allow Mexican officials to investigate him, Attorney General William P. Barr announced Tuesday. The official, Gen. Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, had been Mexico’s defense minister from 2012 to 2018. He was arrested by Drug Enforcement Administration […]


There may be 3 rounds of voting for the election of the new ICC chairman: Report | नए आईसीसी चेयरमैन के चुनाव के लिए हो सकती है 3 राउंड की वोटिंग : रिपोर्ट

डिजिटल डेस्क, जबलपुर। किसी के लिए भी प्रॉपर्टी खरीदना जीवन के महत्वपूर्ण कामों में से एक होता है। आप सारी जमा पूंजी और कर्ज लेकर अपने सपनों के घर को खरीदते हैं। इसलिए यह जरूरी है कि इसमें इतनी ही सावधानी बरती जाय जिससे कि आपकी मेहनत की कमाई को कोई चट ना कर सके। […]

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U.S. Green Groups Urge Biden To Shun Cabinet Picks With Oil Ties

WASHINGTON: U.S. environmental activists are heaping pressure on Democratic president-elect Joe Biden to avoid cabinet appointees with fossil fuel ties, with one group on Tuesday slamming his pick of a congressman who received donations from the oil and gas industry. The pressure reflects the environmental lobby’s desire to push the incoming administration to take aggressive […]


Conan O’Brien to Leave Late Night for HBO Max show.

The longest-serving late-night host is leaving late night. “Conan,” the TBS show hosted by Conan O’Brien, will go off the air in June, and the host will move on to HBO Max, where he plans to have his own weekly variety series, Warner Media announced on Tuesday. “In 1993 Johnny Carson gave me the best […]


Pro Bowl goes virtual, as innovative game will play out on Madden NFL 21 this season

NEW YORK — The Pro Bowl will play out on the EA Sports Madden NFL 21 video game after the real-life version of football’s all-star game was canceled. The NFL opened monthlong fan voting Tuesday for the first virtual Pro Bowl, which could feature players whose team makes the Super Bowl because they won’t have […]

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WHO-commissioned global systematic review finds high HCV prevalence and incidence among men who have sex with men

In collaboration with the Kirby Institute at UNSW Sydney, Australia, WHO has published today a systematic review and meta-analysis of the prevalence and incidence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in men who have sex with men (MSM) in The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology.

Globally an estimated 71 million people have chronic HCV infection […]