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A 70-year-old study reveals the secret to raise successful kids

When it comes to parenting, every parent strives to give his or her best. But what exactly is good parenting? Is it inculcating good values in your offspring or is it giving them your precious time? Well, good parenting is much simpler than it looks like. A 70-year-old detailed study which took into account extensive data of over 70,000 kids will help you in this matter.
Referred to as ‘British Birth Cohorts’, this study began in the UK after World War II. The scientists were keen to understand the parenting condition of mothers in the war stricken country.

They did a survey of every woman who gave birth over a one week period in 1946. In the end, they collected over 14,000 detailed questionnaires pertaining to the birth aspect during that time.

The scientists took into account different generations of kids over time, which gave them a sample size of 70,000 kids over 70 years. Here are some excerpts on how to be a successful parent-

Conversations- Talking to your kids and listening to them plays a big role in parenting. Hearing your kids out is as important as talking to them.

Making it clear you have plans for their future- Sketching out a future plan for your kid is an essential part of growing up. The only thing you need to ensure is that you don’t dump your own unfulfilled dreams on them.

Being emotionally warm- Cater to your kid’s emotional needs more than anything. Create a cozy environment which will make him trust you with everything.

Taking them on trips- Family trips and adventures are the best way to break away from the monotony of life. This will also give you and your kid ample of time to bond.

Habit of reading- Inculcate the habit of reading in your kid’s daily schedule. Young minds can quickly adapt to things and he or she might form this good habit for a lifetime.

Some of these tips come out as obvious but might get missed out often. Make sure you scoop out some time from your daily schedule to spend with your kids. ‘Quality time’ does not always mean doing an activity together or being productive. Just sitting with your kids, talking to them about their day and bonding with them is enough to make your kids feel loved and valued.

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