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Are you suffering from video fatigue? Here are the signs to watch out for

– Sit in a room with proper light. Ensure there is no darkness as it can lead to more strain on your eyes.

– Do not sit in one position at a stretch. Keep taking regular breaks. Take 5 rounds of your room every one hour.

– Do not schedule back-to-back video meetings. It is okay to skip a meeting when you are not required to be there. You can also opt for an email interaction or even a phone chat.

– Do not go overboard with work, just because you have extra time in your hands.

– Create a balance between your professional and personal video meetings.

– Try to do a digital detox, if possible. In this time, keep away all your gadgets from you for at least twice a week.

– If you can not do a 2-day detox, try to give yourself at least two hours of no-gadget time in a day.

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