VALORANT reveals Killjoy’s abilities, appearance, release date

VALORANT introduced its newest agent on Wednesday with the unveiling of tech genius Killjoy.

Hailing from Germany, she is described as a “wunderkind,” a brilliant young tactician who uses her arsenal of robots and gadgets to get the upper hand against her enemies. Killjoy becomes agent No. 12 in VALORANT’s ever-growing cast of characters and will become playable on Aug. 4 with the release of the game’s Act II of Episode 1: Ignition.

Here is a quick rundown on Killjoy’s abilities as she prepares for her grand debut next week:

Alarmbot: Killjoy equips a covert Alarmbot and can fire her small (and deadly) robot friend to hunt down all enemies in range. After zeroing in and finding its target(s), Alarmbot explodes, applying a debuff that causes tagged enemies to receive double damage.

Turret: As the name suggests, Killjoy deploys another one of her tech sidekicks, an offensive turret that fires at enemies in a 180-degree cone.

Nanoswarm: Want to be trickier with your robotic espionage? With Nanoswarm, Killjoy throws a grenade that becomes hidden on landing. When you’re ready to turn on the fireworks, Killjoy can activate her weapon that unleashes a swarm of nanobots that attack all enemies in its circular radius.

Lockdown (Ultimate): Killjoy’s greatest invention, she deploys her Lockdown device, and after a long windup, all enemies caught in the radius are detained. Thankfully for the opposition, the device can be destroyed.

When she becomes playable, Killjoy’s personal contract in the game will include three sprays, two titles, a player card and a specialized gun buddy.

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