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Apple India has announced the commencement of ‘Today at Apple’ – a series of photography and music sessions that will be hosted virtually, and will be free for all to join in. The series of sessions will be hosted by notable Indian photographers and musicians. Alongside showcasing the use of Apple’s hardware in the music and photography production processes, the virtual sessions will be directed at helping budding professionals, hobbyists and amateurs alike take up a new art to practice. The sessions are a part of Apple’s on-ground customer engagement practice, wherein globally, Apple is typically seen to be hosting these sessions in their iconic physical experience and retail outlets.

The virtual sessions, titled as the ‘Illuminating Creativity Series’, commence today, October 17, and will continue until November 29. Lined up through the coming weeks in regular intervals, the sessions will be hosted by photographers such as Siddhartha Joshi, Avani Rai and Prarthna Singh, while the music sessions will include primers on creating music by using GarageBand. Users can register for each of these sessions for free, by simply logging on to Apple’s retail page and noting the sessions that are available at the moment.

The ‘Today at Apple’ virtual sessions come as part of the inauguration of the Apple Store in India. While Apple has so far debuted its store in the online-only format, it is expected to open doors to physical retail stores in strategic metropolitan cities across India in the months to come. Apple’s own retail stores are deemed more as experience centres, with stores such as the New York 5th Avenue outlet in USA and the recently opened ‘floating’ Apple Store in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore serving as iconic centres of attraction and the Apple retail experience. Sessions on arts such as photography and music have been integral to promoting these outlets to their iconic status.

Offering experiences such as the ‘Today at Apple’ sessions presumably help Apple create a niche brand image, showcase their hardware in a hands-on style, and get potential new users to attend an experiential retail strategy that stands out from advertorial-based promotions.

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