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4 things you need to stop doing if you are dealing with infertility

From PCOS and cervix problems in women to poor quality sperm and pituitary gland disorders in men, infertility is a common problem which plaques a large number of couples every year. While it is hard to deal with it; it is even harder to accept the reality. Here are some things you must never do to yourself when you are already struggling with infertility.

Considering it as an embarrassment

Infertility can drain you both mentally and physically. For couples who are trying to conceive for long, this issue can pose as a big challenge. In such a situation, it is best to support each other and convince yourself that you are trying your best. Infertility is not an embarrassment and can happen to anyone. According to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), over 12-18 million couples in India are diagnosed with infertility every year. It is also not ‘female specific’, as male infertility too occupies a large share in the number.

Comparing with others

The worst thing you can do to yourself when you are already dealing with infertility, is comparison. Someone might get pregnant the first time they try, while others may have to go to the extent to try IVF 5-6 times without much luck. So stop comparing your body and pregnancy journey with someone else. Try your level best and don’t get mentally hassled.

Blaming yourself
Infertility is a natural problem which can happen to men and women of all ages. Isolating yourself and taking the blame will only make you feel more awful. If you go down on the path of thinking that you could have done something to prevent it, then all of it is just going to drive you crazy. Accept it as a natural process and keep in touch with your doctor for the same.

Obsessing about the two week cycle

If you are trying to conceive then you must have done all the calculations about your menstrual cycles and pregnancy dates. Usually women wait for two week for the ovulation process and then two weeks to take the pregnancy test. Avoid making it the center of your world, otherwise it might take a toll on your daily life.

Instead of letting infertility put you down, you must accept whatever comes your way. You can try various other conceiving methods which are now easily available at your disposal. You can either opt for IVF or take the surrogacy route, if natural conceiving is ruled out.

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