Leisure travel to pick up this festive season: AirAsia India survey

MUMBAI: The number of people who opted to travel long-distance in their personal vehicle jumped about four times post-lockdown between July and October, according to a survey by a low cost carrier which collected responses from 2,400 passengers who had flown with them in the past two years.
Pre-Covid only 9% people travelled in personal vehicles, but post lockdown that number rose to 35%. The responses also revealed that the percentage of people who opted for air travel went down from 80% pre-Covid to 55%, post lockdown. For rail journey, the number fell from 7% pre-Covid to 3%, post lockdown. In short, the survey highlighted a shift towards the use of either personal vehicle or hired vehicle as a preferred mode of travel in the months following the lockdown.
Only 25% of the respondents said they had travelled post lockdown, between July and October, that is. Among the people who said they flew post lockdown, those in the age group 20-29 years made up for 42 %, up from the 25% pre-Covid. Those in 30-39 years bracket made up for 41%, down from 49% pre-Covid, and those above 40 years made up for 10 %, while pre-Covid this demographic comprised 19% of its passengers, according to findings of a `Travel Intent’ survey carried out by AirAsia India.
When asked about reasons they travelled post-lockdown, 47% said they travelled to their hometown. Pre-Covid, travelling back home made up only for 23 % of the travel intent. Another 20% traveled to place of work from their hometown, while pre-Covid it was 6%. The most hit post lockdown was leisure travel, which made up for a meagre 6%, while pre-Covid it accounted for 32%. Business travel was 19%, while pre-Covid it made up for 22% traffic on this low cost carrier.
The encouraging bit for the airline industry was that one in two surveyed said that they definitely planned to travel over the next 3 months and 84% among these said they would board a flight. Travelling by personal vehicles was the choice for 12%, with the remaining 2.5% made up of people who would either hire a vehicle or opt for train travel. Going forward, the bright spot this festive season was for leisure travel, with 40% saying they would go on a holiday, followed by 30% who said they would go to their hometown. A majority said Goa was their preferred holiday destination.

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