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Trump gains ground among Indian-Americans, Asian Pacific Americans: Campaign officials

WASHINGTON: Indian-Americans supported Donald Trump in large numbers in the US election, especially in the battleground states than they did four years ago, the president’s supporters have said, with his party claiming that the Democrats have lost ground to the Republicans when it comes to Asian Pacific Americans.
In a statement issued on Thursday, the Republican Party said that Asian Pacific Americans (APA) came out strong in support of Trump while the Democrats lost support amongst the key demographic.
“Indian Americans delivered for President Trump,” said Al Mason from Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee, who along with his team had worked among Indian-Americans in the battleground states.
Indian-Americans, traditional Democratic constituents turned up for President Trump and made a difference in wins in the battleground states such as Texas, Florida and perhaps in North Carolina and narrowed the margins in Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.
“Four More Years” video launched during the Republican National Convention was a key part of the campaign, Mason said.
Exit polls from 2016 compared with 2020 gave President Trump a five-point jump while the Democrats lost four points of Asian Pacific American support.
“A Republican shift is happening in the Asian Pacific American community and 2020 proved it. Prior to the pandemic, Asian Pacific Americans were at the height of starting and running new businesses, received the largest tax cuts in history, and saw increased access to education choice,” said Kara Caldwell, deputy director of Media Affairs, APA at the Republican Party.
Asian Pacific Americans have been hit hard by Democrat, anti-business policies and clearly cast their votes to keep the American dream alive and well on Election Day, Caldwell said.
According to Asian Pacific American surveys, President-elect Joe Biden lost 21 percentage points compared to Hillary Clinton.
In 2016, Hillary won APA voters by a margin of plus 43 points, while in 2020 Biden only held a 24-point lead amongst APA voters, the Republicans said asserting that Asian Pacific Americans know that it is Republicans who share their same priorities and principles and are willing to fight for them.

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